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FOW World Heavyweight Title

Date of Title Change Champion Location
12/14/02 Curt Hennig Pembroke Pines, FL
08/31/02 Bruno Sassi Plantation, FL
07/26/02 Billy Fives Saudi Arabia
07/25/02 Mike Sullivan Saudi Arabia
06/29/02 Billy Fives Davie FL
04/13/02 Norman Smiley Davie, FL
06/17/01 Billy Fives Hollywood, FL
06/16/01 Low Ki Davie, FL
05/12/01 Billy Fives Davie, FL
04/05/01 Scoot Andrews Tampa, FL
01/20/01 Billy Fives Ft. Lauderdale, FL
04/22/00 Pat McGuire (3) Ft. Lauderdale, FL
03/26/00 Chris Charger Ft. Lauderdale, FL4
09/25/99 Pat McGuire (2) Pembroke Pines, FL1
06/26/99 Dennis Allen Pembroke Pines, FL3
05/22/99 Bobby Rogers (2) Lima, Peru
05/20/99 Prince Ali Khan Lima, Peru
05/01/99 Bobby Rogers Cooper City, FL
01/30/99 Pat McGuire Oakland Park, FL
01/19/99 Gator B. Long Tampa, FL
12/12/98 J.R. James Oakland Park, FL
10/10/98 Rusty Brooks Oakland Park, FL2
08/01/98 T.J. Jackson Oakland Park, FL1
05/01/98 Johnny Evans Miami, FL

1-Title Vacated
2-Winner of Battle Royal for FOW Title
3-Ten Man Table Death Match for FOW Title
4- Winner of Tournament for FOW Title

FOW Light Heavyweight Title

Date of Title Change Champion Location
12/14/02 Justice Pembroke Pines, FL
11/09/02 Naphtali
(Al Bino)
Plantation, FL
10/04/02 David Babylon Boca Raton, FL
10/04/02 Johnny Vandal Boca Raton, FL
10/04/02 David Babylon Boca Raton, FL
10/04/02 Dan Evans Boca Raton, FL
10/04/02 David Babylon Boca Raton, FL
10/04/02 Johnny Vandal Boca Raton, FL
10/04/02 David Babylon Boca Raton, FL
10/04/02 Al Bino Boca Raton, FL
08/31/02 David Babylon Plantation, FL
08/10/02 Johnny Vandal Plantation, FL
08/10/02 Tommy Vandal Plantation, FL
07/27/02 J-Dawg Oakland Park, FL
07/20/02 David Babylon Orlando, FL
07/06/02 Tommy Vandal Plantation, FL
07/06/02 Chris Charger Plantation, FL
06/16/02 Al Bino Hollywood, FL
05/18/02 Jeff Roth Plantation, FL
04/13/02 Al Bino Davie, FL
02/09/02 J-Dawg Davie FL
12/01/01 Johnny Vandal Davie, FL

FOW International Title

Date of Title Change Champion Location
11/09/02 David Babylon Plantation, FL
07/14/01 Bruno Sassi Davie, FL
03/26/00 The Blackhart Ft. Lauderdale, FL
02/12/00 Bobby Brooks Ft. Lauderdale, FL
12/30/99 Warlock Davie, FL
09/25/99 Billy Fives Pembroke Pines, FL
08/01/99 J Dawg Lima, Peru
05/25/99 Anthony Adonis Tampa, FL
04/24/99 Cyborg Lima, Peru

FOW Tag Team Titles



Date of Title Change Champions Location
08/31/02 Antonio Banks & Punisher Plantation, FL
06/29/02 Anthony Michels
& Jeff Roth
Davie, FL
04/13/02 The Vandalz Davie, FL
03/23/02 Big Daddy Gonzo
& J.J. Kodiak
Oakland Park, FL
02/08/02 The Vandalz Tampa, FL
12/01/01 Dave Johnson & Hack Meyers Davie, FL
09/22/01 The Vandalz Miami, FL
08/18/01 The Market Crashers Miami, FL
06/17/01 The Vandalz Davie, FL
05/12/01 Chris Charger & Jeff Roth Davie, FL6
03/10/01 Chris Charger & Al Bino Oakland Park, FL
07/08/00 Suicidal Tendencies Ft. Lauderdale, FL
04/22/00 The Market Crashers Ft. Lauderdale, FL
03/26/00 The Waverunners Ft. Lauderdale, FL
02/12/00 Suicidal Tendencies Ft. Lauderdale, FL
12/30/99 FP&L Davie, FL
09/25/99 Wildside (2) Pembroke Pines, FL5
08/14/99 Extreme Militia Pembroke Pines, FL
10/10/98 The Dudleys Oakland Park, FL
06/30/98 Bobby & Blare Rogers Atlanta, GA
05/01/98 The Masked Assassins Miami, FL

5 -The Dudleys and Wildside are both Anthony Michaels and Jeff Roth

                                   6 - Ladder match between Charger/Bino & Roth/Anthony Michaels
                                        where Roth/Charger each retrieved a belt at the same time.

FOW Hardcore Title

Date of Title Change
Title Unified with Light Weight Title by Chris Charger Plantation, FL
Chris Charger
Plantation, FL
Davie, FL
Barry Horowitz
Davie, FL
Rusty Brooks
Davie, FL
Barry Horowitz
Davie, Florida
Maximum Capacity
Davie, Florida



Bobby Rogers (title revived in Xtreme Xmas Tree Match!
Davie, Florida

Pat McGuire
(Unifies with world title)
Oakland Park, FL
Bobby Rogers
Oakland Park, FL
Pat McGuire
Oakland Park, FL

Year End Awards

Wrestler of the Year

2002: Bruno Sassi
2001: Billy Fives
2000: Pat McGuire
1999: Pat McGuire
1998: Rusty Brooks

Tag Team of the Year

2002: Antonio Banks & Punisher
2001: The Market Crashers
2000: Suicidal Tendencies Dennis & Sean Allen
1999: Wildside
1998: The Dudleys


Match of the Year

2002 06/26/02 Chris Charger wins
2001 - TIE: 06/16/01 Low Ki d. Billy Fives
2001 03/10/01 Al Bino & Chris Charger d. The Allens
2000 06/10/00 Market Crashers d. Wildside
1999 06/26/99 10 Man Table Death Match
1998 12/12/98 Extreme Christmas Tree Match
Bobby Rogers vs Pat McGuire


Rookie of the Year

2002: David Babylon
2001: Maximum Capacity
2000: Derrek Allen
1999: Warlock
1998: J-Dawg


Manager of the Year

2002: SnakeMaster Abudadein
2001: Silhouette
2000: Fabulous Frank
1999: Fabulous Frank
1998: Fabulous Frank

Most Popular

2002: Bruno Sassi
2001: The Vandalz
2000: Billy Fives
1999: Billy Fives
1998: Bobby Rogers

Most Hated

2002: Chris Charger
2001: Maximum Capacity
2000: Jon Elias
1999: Fabulous Frank
1998: Jon Elias


Most Improved

2002: Tommy Vandal
2001: Jeff Roth
2000: Chris Charger


Most Inspirational

2002: Larry Lane
2001: Bruno Sassi
2000: Blackhart Dave Johnson


Referee Of The Year

2002: Chuck Aurin



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